Where Can I Scatter Cremated Remains?

By: Brian K. Daly
Thursday, January 19, 2023

One of the most prevalent questions raised by families who cremate a loved one is what to do with the ashes. It's customary to scatter cremated remains at a notable location. However, planning this while you are grieving might be difficult. At Ocean County Cremation Service, we think it's important for families to understand direct cremation costs and their options for scattering ashes.

After a memorial ceremony, you'll need to determine where to do it if you're thinking about dispersing the ashes.

Direct Cremation Cost And Other Facts About Cremains

The following points should be considered when deciding on a final resting location for a dear one's ashes. If you have chosen cremation as the method of final disposition, the crematory will let you know when the decedent's ashes are ready for pickup. Cremation ashes are frequently given to the family in a cardboard box (they are grey with a granular texture). However, you can choose your own urn to store cremains if you'd prefer.

Some families decide to scatter the ashes after the memorial service but at a later date. Some regulations and laws prohibit doing this on public and private property, so you should arrange and, if necessary, obtain permission before scattering the ashes of a loved one.

Passengers carrying cremated remains must also have a cremation and death certificate to pass through airport security. Additionally, it's a good idea to phone the airline in advance to confirm that cremated remains can be checked as carry-on luggage.

Where To Scatter Ashes

The following are the top places to scatter cremains, and you can also choose to scatter cremains in multiple locations.

Scatter Gardens

If you want a meaningful final resting place for your loved one that is also convenient for friends and family, think about a cemetery's scatter garden. Many cemeteries and some church grounds offer scatter gardens for a modest fee. Scatter gardens are a lovely and peaceful choice for people passionate about green funerals and restoring their loved one's ashes to the soil. You could obtain additional information about these places and direct cremation costs from the cremation service provider.

In Nature

You can sprinkle ashes in the breathtaking national parks of the United States. The decision of a natural park as a final resting place could be a moving homage to a person who cherished nature or who died away while doing so. Please respect the rules, though. Although each garden has its own rules, the U. S. Park Service often grants requests to scatter cremains in national parks.

Scattering Ashes At Sea

It's customary to scatter ashes over water to remember a life lived, especially for those who found peace by the ocean. Families with a sea burial preference have several options. Some organizations construct artificial reefs that give marine life a new home using concrete and cremated remains.

Keep in mind that without prior authorization, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) prohibits scattering cremated remains within three nautical miles of a coastline. You will require approval even if all you have in mind is a brief ocean dispersal ceremony following a memorial service.

Your Home’s Backyard

The presence of a loved one's cremated remains around may provide you with some peace. A fitting and straightforward approach to remembering the deceased is to scatter their ashes in a special backyard or garden area. Likely the home was the final location where the person felt at peace.

Research any relevant local rules before scattering ashes on private property. You should know that a new structure can destroy this lovely location if you move elsewhere later.

Cost-Effective Cremation Services

We are one of the most respected establishments in this space and offer reliable services at affordable direct cremation costs. For additional information about where to scatter cremated remains, please call Ocean County Cremation Service at 609-971-3321.

You can also send us your queries about direct cremation cost and requests via this Online Form. We will call you back as soon as possible to answer your questions and provide you with all the information you need regarding our cremation services. We work closely with clients to ensure that we understand their requirements and provide suitable services within their budget.

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