Why Do I Need A Funeral Home If I Only Want Cremation?

By: Brian K. Daly
Thursday, January 26, 2023

Ocean County Cremation Service has been asked this question on multiple occasions. As direct cremation gains popularity, some families may question whether they require the services of a funeral home. Depending on your state's laws and whether or not the cremation services you're working with have their own crematory, this may vary.

Why You Need A Funeral Home Even For Cremation Services 

Whether or not you are legally required to use a funeral director varies from state to state. The majority of states permit you to handle all funeral arrangements without hiring a funeral director. 

To process the death certificate, burial/cremation paperwork, and transportation authorizations, however, many jurisdictions require the services of a funeral director. In New Jersey, both the death certificate and the final disposition of the deceased require the presence of a funeral director.

Other Factors Why You Should Collaborate With A Funeral Home

Even for cremation services, there are several reasons to use a funeral home beyond the legal requirements. The task of relocating a deceased person's body is not something everyone can perform. When dealing with a dead body, it is essential to consider public safety and health concerns as well as the ease with which the body can be relocated.

About Direct Cremation And A Funeral Home’s Role In It 

In a direct cremation, the funeral home handles only the cremation itself. There is no memorial service, viewing, or visitation. The body is taken from the location of death to a morgue or crematorium. There, they'll stay in a cool place for a couple of days while permission forms are filled out and permits are obtained.

Once all legal requirements have been satisfied, a simple cremation container is used. The cremated remains are ultimately returned to the family in a temporary urn. The funeral director is responsible for coordinating the deceased's transport and assisting family members in completing the necessary paperwork for the coroner's report.

The bare minimum is having a funeral home handle the cremation. As the price of direct cremation is at an "entry point" level, the funeral home's services are also basic. The funeral home you select may offer more than one direct cremation package.  

Concierge services offer additional assistance and perks, such as duplicates of the death certificate, an obituary notice, and upgraded cremation urns, in addition to the online-based direct cremation service.

What To Expect When You Hire A Funeral Home, Even If You Opt For Direct Cremation

Contrary to popular belief, this is not required by law in the majority of jurisdictions. Nonetheless, collaborating with a funeral home has several benefits, including the following:

  • It's best to delegate responsibility to a professional in order to avoid any possible errors.
  • The funeral director will have established procedures for gathering the information required to file for a death certificate and obtain the county's permissions and approvals for cremation.
  • You can rest easy knowing that your loved one is being cared for in a safe environment for the several days it may take to complete these procedures well before cremation can take place. In many jurisdictions, cremation must be delayed until a certain amount of time has passed after a person's death.

One must wait 24 hours before initiating a cremation in the state of New Jersey. The finality of cremation, however, usually necessitates waiting 48-72 hours before the process can begin.

Dignified Cremation Services 

It would be best if you had compassionate, customized assistance from a business at this difficult time. As a funeral and cremation service, Ocean County Cremation Service is sensitive to the pain of loss. We constantly strive to provide considerate, compassionate cremation services.

If you're looking for affordable, dignified, and individualized cremation services, look no further than our funeral home. For additional information, please call Ocean County Cremation Service at 609-971-3321.  

If you prefer to send your queries about our cremation services via email, you can use this Online Form to write to us. One of our staff members will call you back soon to provide you with the necessary information. We work closely with you to ensure we understand your requirements and provide services within your budget.

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